Saturday, September 11, 2010

Minimal Chic A Decorating Trend For Classic Lovers

In case you are going to decorate your home and you want to do it according to the latest tendency, just go for minimalist chic design.

Actually this kind of design is so popular that recently many home designers are releasing special collections of furniture related to this style.

The minimal chic dA cor is not just a dA cor that includes simple lines and geometrical elements. It is actually a design that includes chic, style and elegance.

Minimal Chic   A Decorating Trend For Classic Lovers

The first and the very important step is to start with your walls. Forget the dark colors and the wallpapers, go for neutral colors. They are perfect for all kind of rooms and moreover, they create visually more space.

Space is actually the main idea behind this home dA cor. By creating space, you are creating an elegant oasis into your home.

Add a little contrast by choosing furniture that is different than the main color of your walls. For instance, go for white walls and add blue furniture.

Minimal Chic   A Decorating Trend For Classic Lovers

This will open more light into the area, because contrast is also an important element of the minimalist chic dA cor. Fabrics and linens are also an issue to consider. Lavish fabrics arena??t recommendable, for they create a heavy luxury ambience. Go for cotton, it is a soothing and good fabric.

Beautify your sofa with mini pillows, made out of cotton. Warm colors are very good, in case you are going to choose a color for your new fabrics.

Dona??t forget the curtains. Add a French sophistication, by purchasing snow white curtains and geometrical patterned carpet. It is a stylish idea to open your home dA cor. As for the furniture, try to find the perfect balance.

Minimal Chic   A Decorating Trend For Classic Lovers

Antiques arena??t recommendable, in case you have chosen the minimal chic design. Simple accent pieces are your best choice, so go for furniture that offers a clear and smooth look.

Dona??t overdo the room dA cor by adding too heavy and lavish furniture. Throw pillows as an accent, a coordinating vase in eccentric colors and a Persian rug are also part of the minimal chic dA cor, so go for them.

Little things are the basic elements that make this dA cor so adorable. A fresh bowl of fruits or artfully arranged books on your mini coffee table are also must haves in this dA cor.

Lighting is also an issue to consider. Replace the old chandelier with modern and pendant fixture. This will update the room. Add an ambient lightening, which will create a romantic and classy atmosphere.

Minimal Chic   A Decorating Trend For Classic Lovers

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