Friday, September 3, 2010

5 Window Treatments Ideas to Implement in your Home

When you look out your window do you think of the treatments that adorn it?A Most likely you do not give them a second thought.A Window treatments are not only for dA cor and aesthetics of a room.A They provide security, privacy, protection from the elements, and sometimes make a good hide and go-seek spot for your kids! The windows in your home can benefit from window treatments and depending on your budget and the style of your home, there is one to fit your needs.A Here are 5 window treatments that your home should have, if not all of them, at least 3!

5 Window Treatments Ideas to Implement in your Home1.) Window treatments arena??t just for the inside of your home: One misconception of having window treatments is that it only needs to look nice from the inside of your home.A Have you ever driven by a home that had sheets or broken blinds hung up that you could see from the outside of their house?A This doesna??t mean you have to please the neighbors with your drapery! It means to take into consideration your curb appeal from the outside of your home when hanging window treatments.

5 Window Treatments Ideas to Implement in your Home2.) Decide your purpose and aesthetic you want to achieve: If you are a college student or on a tight budget your window treatments main purpose may be for privacy and thata??s it.A While if you want a decorative feel to your rooms you have a different purpose.A For those that want an economical and effective privacy treatment, blinds are a good option.A They come in a variety of materials such as aluminum, wood, plastic and PVC.A Metal blinds tend to bend easily but are very cost effective.A PVC blinds can be made to look like wood blinds for half of the price.A Wood blinds are typically the most expensive but will last for years to come.

3.) For decorative window treatments, your imagination is the limit: Look at the dA cor of your individual spaces, and the style of your home.A More traditional homes may prefer long billowing fabrics with intricate curtain rods to accessorize them. For windows that look out on beautiful vistas, valances that only adorn the top of the window could be an option that works better.A Valances can be made from fabric, wood, metal, or a combination of alternate materials.A There are many do it yourself valance and cornice kits for those who want to create a custom look, without paying a professional to make them.

5 Window Treatments Ideas to Implement in your Home4.) Protect your furniture and control the temperature: Aside from the aesthetics, your window treatments help protect the inside of your home from the elements outside. Furniture, carpeting and home finishes can fade over time because of sun rays penetrating through your windows. If you live in extremely hot climates, such as the desert, consider using black out curtains to help redirect the harmful sun rays from entering your home.A Thermal curtains are also available for conversely cold climates and help keep cold air that seeps in from windows into your room.A If you dona??t live in an extreme climate consider using decorative curtains with drawback ties, and using sheers below.A Sheers keep help diffuse harsh light, and give a pleasing indirect lighting glow to a space.

5 Window Treatments Ideas to Implement in your Home

5.) Alter the feel of your space with window treatments: Do you have small windows that you want to give the illusion of being larger? Hang window treatments closer to the ceiling, and let treatment fabric extend to the floor, to elongate the feeling of the room. Do you have a wall of sliding glass doors and dona??t know how to cover them? Consider visually breaking up the long horizontal view with coordinating window treatments placed at equal intervals along the sliding door area.A In the daytime these can be pulled back, while at night the coordinating materials will give a decorative flair to what could be a long, boring wall of fabric.

Use window treatments to enhance your home dA cor, but also to protect your home and its belongings. Consider different types of materials, and textures to compliment the dA cor and architectural style of your home.A For ideas look in home dA cor magazines and books to grab inspiration!

Freshome readera??s tell us what kind of window treatments you have in your home, and what you love or hate about them!

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