Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Design Accent a Wall Waterfall Or Indoor Fountain

A wall waterfall, for the indoors or the outdoors can be an interesting addition to your home, both in terms of visual appeal as well as for the beautiful, soothing sounds of running water a?? evocative of a gurgling brook.

By the principles of Feng Shui as well, fountains serve an important purpose.
Fountains and waterfalls need not be restricted to the outdoors; they can work indoors beautifully as well.

Though your outdoor options would naturally be many more, there are plenty of indoor options too:

The Wall Waterfall

This can be so constructed to give the appearance of a falling sheet of water on one wall of any room. It can be mounted on to the wall so as to form part of the wall or it could be a standalone feature of the room.

Design Accent a?? Wall Waterfall Or Indoor Fountain

The back drop could be stone, glass, marble, or a any other material.

A Floor Fountain or waterfall

This could be a free standing sort of fountain or nestled cozily in one nook of the room. A traditional setting of a room can be enhanced by a stone fountain featuring a classical image such as a liona??s head or similar.

Design Accent a?? Wall Waterfall Or Indoor Fountain

A more contemporary design such as the picture here could blend better with a more modern room setting.

Design Accent a?? Wall Waterfall Or Indoor Fountain

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